Second Chance

Creator List

Game Design: Jiashi(Tom) Tang, Luis Garcia, Thao Le

Project Management: Jiashi(Tom) Tang

Game Art: Jiashi(Tom) Tang

Narrative Design: Jiashi(Tom) Tang, Thao Le

Game Development: Connor J.I., Luis Garcia, Jiashi(Tom) Tang

Music and SFX: Ivan Berlin

Rigging and Animation from Adobe Mixamo

Game Overview

Second Chance is a beat them up game that tells the story of a teenager's journey of growing up. In this game, the player plays as a rebellious teenager-Tom-who is unsatisfied with his life but was granted a second chance. The player traverses through Tom's home, school and workplace, confronting and fighting everyone along the way. In this journey, Tom realizes that he has been ignoring the love and care coming from his family and friends, and his biggest enemy is his rebellious teenage ego.

My contribution as the game artist, designer and project manager

Created all original 3D models and 2D assets for the game (characters, environment, and UI)

Wrote story and dialogue for the game narrative

Created game design document

Created and used game design log and Trello for project management

Helped creating animation blueprints and enemy AIs in Unreal engine 5